ManyCam version 7.4 Not able to find on website

I received an email stating that ManyCam version 7.4 is available to download but when I download I only get Where can I get the latest version?

I’ll add to this complaint - Mac version is 7.3 - when I try to download on the PC, the antivirus program says there is an ssl problem, and malwarebytes blocked the download saying it was a trojan. What’s up with that?

I have the same issue.

+1 - I have the same issue

I was able to download the newest version and it works just fine. I guess they didn’t think to include the Mac world.

Hey @NewCreation517

This must have been related to ManyCam for Windows. Can you post a screenshot of the email here, please?

Hey @jtorg

We’ll check that, but you may rest assured that ManyCam is 100% safe. It’s false positive - happened a few times before.

Could you please post a screenshot of the antivirus message here? Also, make sure to download from our official website:

Hey @NewCreation517,

ManyCam for Mac also got an update recently (ver. 7.3). This version contains NDI Inputs and many fixes and improvements. See the full list here:

What Windows version and build is installed?

Windows 10 Pro v1909