ManyCam v7 freezing


I have a MC Lifetime sub; still using v7 for subscription reasons (I won’t go into the whole ‘Lifetime’ subscription disappointment), and because the layout works better for me than v8; it’s been working fine most of the time, but since a couple of weeks MC starts freezing up after a little while.
I’m on W10, i9, 32ram, rtx3060.
I have uninstalled/re-installed many times already, but the problem persists.
Any thoughts?


UPDATE 21/10 12am:
1 hour after posting the freeze starts to happen after 1 or 2 minutes…

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I’m using V8.1.0.3.

I’ve experienced a lot of freezing since I installed this update. SO inconvenient when on a live call.

I’ve shut down as many background processes as I can, but nothing seems to work.

I hope you get a reply.

I tried version 8, but it has the same problem of freezing immediately after opening.
Even with no presets loaded at all.
I’ve tried so many things now, reinstall, rollback of system, different prefs…
End of life for ManyCam?