ManyCam Update - Changes to effects, resizing

With the new installation of the ManyCam update, it has resized most of my effects to be much smaller than they were initially and many of them are not full screen anymore. Also, they are not located in the correct spot on my screen where I created the effect on ManyCam website.

Another thing, the resize square that surrounds the effect is so thin that it is VERY difficult to locate while hosting a video conference and trying to smoothly transition between effects. Previously the square was thicker and the mouse pointer could locate and grab it quickly, now it’s a struggle and it makes my transition much more difficult.

Is there any way to fix these issues myself? If not, can we revert back to the way it was in the last Beta? Or at least, tell me how these are improvements to be used to my advantage?? Thank you.


Sorry for the inconvenience, we expect the fix for the effects size this week. We will also increase resize area for effects.

The size square was made thicker for effects to be easily distinguished from layers.