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Manycam uninstaller does not work on MacOS 12.3


I recently decided to uninstall Manycam application. To do that, I followed the documentation on the internet and started the Uninstall Manycam app on my Mac. However, whenever I try, after supplying my password, nothing happened. So I dug deeper, then I found that references made to the path “/usr/bin/python” were the cause. With the latest MacOS Monterey update, namely 12.3, Apple removed the old Python, which was replaced by Python 3 on path “/usr/bin/python3”. I tried adding a symlink but could not succeed. Disabling SIP wasn’t enough, since the /usr/bin was mounted read-only. So I backed off and decided to let Manycam developers know that their uninstaller’s dependency to the /usr/bin/python path prevents it to run. I hope this can be fixed in the near term.

@newuser Thanks for feedback, that is a known problem, the fix is upcoming.


Should be fixed now, please install new version and then use uninstaller from it.

BTW why did you decide to remove ManyCam?