ManyCam Studio (Windows 10) crashes frequently

The ManyCam Studio edition is a fantastic app – when it doesn’t crash. Why does it crash so easily and often? I’m running it on a desktop computer with ample processing power, and I’m using it to enhance Zoom-based worship services, primary by switching between 6 to 8 presets in which I have placed a couple of short videos, various still photos, bottom-third titles and other standard content. Windows Task Manager does NOT indicate that the CPU, RAM or GPU are being pushed too hard, yet ManyCam frequently crashes nonetheless. When it crashes, I open again from a shortcut and it returns to the screen in about 30-60 seconds, with the same presets in place. But during that crash time the ManyCam feed into Zoom is dead. Please, please help! Thanks!

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Please upload crash dump files (all *.dmp) from C:\ProgramData\ManyCam\CrashDumps somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox) and send the link to This will help greatly.
Thanks in advance.

Done. I look forward to hearing from you. Ben

leo, have you made any progress after inspecting my dump files? Please advise. Thanks. Ben

Hi, Jumping in here because I’m also now having trouble using ManyCam on Windows 10. Everything was working great for me in early December. But after returning from winter break, the application is stalling for me during meetings. Mouse cursor hangs every few minutes, and after about 10-15 minutes of broadcasting video, the video stream drops to under 1 frame per second, and doesn’t recover unless the application is closed and relaunched.

No actual crash is occurring for me, and the application hasn’t produced any dumps. I tried disabling mouse capturing etc, but that didn’t help.

Update: Nevermind, after experimenting further I found that my usb3 card was over-saturated, and switching my camera device over to another channel resolved my issue.

Leo, it’s been a month since I uploaded the dump files as you requested. Do you have any advice to offer?

@benjamin.cowgill Unfortunately we were unable to detect the reason, it crashes somewhere in Windows libraries. We should have a new release soon with some fixes, hope it will help you.

I too suffer from video freezing and in contact with support at manycam. I first sent them dump files and the rest in February 2021 and they still don’t have a fix. It is now the end of May. I use it with VIPKid platform and yesterday, it froze 2 minutes before my first class and after changing settings and restarting many times which sometimes helps, I had to reboot and start class a minute late. It is a constant problem. In the middle of a class on Friday froze and it took me 6 minutes to fix it, again having to reboot. Fortunately it happened with a regular student but not OK. My computer is a new Intel NUC i7cpu and 16Gb ram. GPU is what comes built in. Power isn’t the problem.

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Hi Syd,

Once upon a time I was having a hard time getting VIPKid to recognize my ManyCam virtual camera as a camera. After a full year, it just wouldn’t detect it sometimes. (At the time I though the issue was with VIPKid.) That was when I learned this:

Even when you close ManyCam with the “x” up at the top right, there is like this little tiny residual bit of the program that keeps running anyway (i dunno Y jusduz). So don’t bother closing it the conventional way the next time youre in a hurry, just go into Task Manager, right click, and nuke this bastardapp with an “End Task”!!! Then, reopen. That might could save you the reboot time. Every second with your bao bao (ESPECIALLY your regular bao bizz pizza) is precious :sunny: !!! and I’d hate for you to loose out on those high stakes perfect streak incentives :wink:

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