ManyCam recordings in FCPX pixelate and turn green

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I’m having an issue in FCPX with the videos recorded in ManyCam. They pixelate and turn green.

I tested FCPX with an Apple support specialist yesterday and went through a few tests, it isolated the problem with the file output from ManyCam.

I tried the Intel Quick Sync and H.264 encoders and changed the recoding format to MOV and MP4 but the effect is still the same. Pixels here and there and green video.

Does anyone have any ideas what the issue could be?

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Hi all,

here is a screen shot of the tests with the Apple support specialist.

The 3 green recordings are different formats and encoders from ManyCam. The one recording that is clear is from my iPad.

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

@TheJJs Do you record using Windows or macOS? Can you share short video recording – upload to something like Google Drive and send the link to

Thanks in advance.

Hi ieo,

I shared the files just now with :slight_smile:

They were recorded in ManyCam, on a Win10 Pro PC, Version 20H2, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 i7-8650U 1.9GHz 16GB RAM.

Thank so much for your help!


There’s your issue. You’re importing video from Windows to Mac and not properly re-encoding.

@TheJJs For non-linear video editors you need to convert your video to constant frame rate format, try to use or any other software.