Manycam purchased email not received

Just bought manycam lifetime studio. But no license email received.

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Yer I think their mail system isn’t working from the main site.

been trying to reset my password to see what licenses I have and it isn’t sending the recovery email.

Hopefully someone from support will be back next week from annual leave to help out lol

I just upgraded to newest version and after logging on, it’s not activating my paid subscription. Emailed support, hoping someone returns msg asap!

@Canuck_Teacher I can’t seem to find any new purchases under your email, can you please message me the order reference, I’ll look into it for you.

@mh_ts The license seems to be linked to your account, if you’re still having issues, please send me a message directly and I will help out.

@Cobretti Are you still experiencing this issue?

Thank you for the urgent support @Christopher Christoper as I’d love to get it back up for my afternoon calls.

Order #: 123516865
Purchased June 3 2020, under name Keri Snider.

@Canuck_Teacher Moved the license over, please let me know if you need anything else!

@Chris_MC Works. Thank you Chris. For future reference:

  1. What should my steps be for upgrading in the future - should I be checking with someone on this forum ?

Thank you,


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Everything should be fine the license was actually just linked to a different email address, but the purchase email matches your current account so it’s all good.

This issue shouldn’t arise if you continue using this account.

EDIT: But if you need anything please shoot me a message!

@Chris_MC, yes still having this issue. Been trying every few days.

I have also emailed support (from my registered email, and cced my gmail) in case my regular email is not receiving some emails.

Saying that, I got an email notification that you responded to this thread.

The forum notification emails seem to work, however for me to get on the forum I used my facebook account to sign up which is linked to another email addy.

@Cobretti Got it, looking into it with support. Can you please send me a direct message with the email you can’t login to?

same here :frowning:
My order number is #143591597 and manycam isn’t activating. I can’t see anything under subscriptions nor licenses… my email is same as the account here in the community (

SOLVED: It’s subscribed under my google adress (why!?)