Manycam (Playing Video) and Zoom - Still Not Working Well

It’s been more than 6 months since the thread about this issue. Still, one can’t play video on manycam and get connect it to Zoom as the resolution becomes very bad.

It was discussed here before:

I checked yesterday to see if anything has been fixed but it’s still the same. When using Manycam to play videos and it’s connected to Zoom, the audience sees it as very low resolution.

I’m not sure why Manycam wouldn’t address this as Zoom is pretty much the standard for Webinars/Video Calls.

Would appreciate a response. Thanks

Hey @Jonathanj

Currently Zoom downgrades some group calls, ManyCam always outputs the resolution you choose within the software but Zoom might be “requesting” a different resolution.

Can you please use the virtual webcam within Zoom and then right click on the “Broadcast” button within ManyCam and send me a screenshot of what Zoom is requesting? In my case, Zoom is asking for 720p even though I’m using 1080p