ManyCam not working in OBS (Mac)

Hi, new user here and I am trying to make it work in OBS.

MacOS 10.15.4 (19E287)
OBS 25.0.8

Screenshot of issue attached. The window stays blank.

What could be the reason that it is not picked up?

I have no problem with other virtual cam software such as camtwist or snapcamera.

Thanks for any help!

Best, Maik!

Hey! Did you find a solution!? I’m having the same problem :cry::cry:

Hi, well, i just tested it again, and it works!! I have no idea what changed on either OBS or Manycam. Great…thanks to your prompt I have another tool to work with. Sorry I can’t help more…hope it will also work on your end through some magical trick.

Well, heck. I’m glad it works for you! Mine did this a month or so ago and then, same as you, magically started to work again. :woman_shrugging: Hopefully it happens again. I found a work-around in the meantime: selecting a section of your screen (the manycam window) as your source. The project I’m using it for has to film in very specific dimensions, so it works ok, but you do have the white line of any added layers visible unfortunately.

You don’t know any OBS alternatives that really let you play with the resolutions do you? :pray:

Hey @alicat,

What ManyCam update are you using? (ManyCam Settings > About ManyCam)

Also, try this version: Make sure to restart your Mac when the installation is over.

You can try the OBS derivative ‘Streamlabs OBS’, but I suspect it might not do anything different. It’s also in very early stage and has some bugs.

And as a completely different alternative: I had success in the past by creating a seperate, clean user just for recording on my mac. it can rule out quite a number of things. If OBS runs there, you could rule out something else on your machine. good luck!

Try some other freeware to see whether it’s black still? Black screen is usually caused by improper system settings, you can check this “fix OBS studio black screen” post to troubleshoot your problem… Good luck!