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Manycam not showing in camera menu in various apps

I’m using Mac OS and I cannot see Manycam appear on the list for programs like Skype, even though the ManyCam application is running. The only option I see is FaceTime HD.

Hmmm, works for me in Skype. Please try to reinstall latest version at first: ManyCam | Live video software & Virtual Webcam

Just tried that, but no change.

Interestingly, for the Microphone options ManyCam does appear. It’s just for the camera options its not there.

Hey @Di4ne

Please try to run in terminal, restart Skype and see if it appears:

sudo launchctl enable system/com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent
launchctl enable user/$(id -u)/com.visicom.ManyCam.VideoDevice.agent