ManyCam New Powerpoint Presentation as Video Source


Just tested the powerpoint inclusive update and this is what I have observed:-

1). I am a trainer. I prepare my powerpoints - on each slide I have points A, B or C, and introduce each topic as I speak and then proceed to the next point on each slide.

2). When I tested this new feature out, and the powerpoint was the video source, I could no longer press my power point advance button to proceed to the next point on the slide. It proceeded to the next slide.

3). I am aware however that I can accomplish what I want by selecting the option “desktop > App Window”, but anted to let those in technical support and others know incase they were not aware or have a workaround.

Kind Regards

Yeah, I found that too.
Having said that, it’s been over a decade since I last used animations in Powerpoint. If I want to show three points, say, with one paragraph of text each, I just create three slides and advance between slides. Unless you want fancy animations when transitioning (and your audience probably doesn’t!), there is really no point and doing in this way gives you so much better reliability.

Thank you for this information and suggestion. Kind Regards