Manycam NDI output is black

I have been using the Manycam NDI output with both Skype and Zoom. Currently running and now the Manycam NDI output is black.

Tried this with Zoom, Skype and even looking at the Manycam NDI output directly. All I get is black.

Skype and Zoom guests no longer see me or anything output from Manycam.

Have you tried my network reset sometimes work around? I’m assuming you are on a windows 10 PC like me, but I go to settings/network and at the bottom click on Network reset. It will force a restart in 5 minutes, but I just go ahead and restart manually., This does not always resolve. Go figure!

This is interesting I removed NDI 5 tools and reloaded NDI 4 Tools that I still had in my download folder. I connected Skype and Zoom through NDI and now it is working fine.

Still think it’s possible Manycam has a compatibility issue with NDI 5.

Not sure maybe it will work for you.


Glad you solved your problem.

Help me understand… I thought the NDI tools were stand alone and were not directly used in either Manycam, Skype, or Zoom. So how exactly are they involved?

In my setup I run Manycam on one computer and then Zoom or Skype on another. This is because Manycam is so processor intensive. I use NDI tools to get the Zoom or Skype feed from one computer on my network into my other computer that is running Manycam. Then Manycam sends a feed back to the Zoom or Skype computer so guests can see me or a video I am playing.

In my case the feed back to the Zoom computer was not working,

I have a similar configuration. Main computer is sending video via OBS NDI to Zoom computer. I had to reconfigure my McAfee firewall on both computers to allow NDI discovery port so that the feed would work.

With the latest version of ManyCam however, when ManyCam is running on the Zoom Computer and the OBS feed is active on the main computer. my main computer slows down to a crawl, This didn’t happen on the last version of ManyCam so I’m not sure what is going on. I had also moved ManyCam onto the Zoom computer because it is so resource intensive.