Manycam Mobile + Manycam computer


I use Manycam computer by Skype and want registered by computer in full HD or 4k with external microphone to mutch cpu. Computer block.
Maybe the solution:
Manycam Mobile + Manycam computer:
Full HD Manycam Mobile, great but why not 4k
Manycam Mobile can’t use external michophone
All thiis things can be great. We can be in livestream
or Skype but all is registered by smartphone in full HD or future 4k and with external microphone to reduce cpu power. Other point CPU usage with different smartphone.
Huawei p10 lite - with manycam mobile+computer
Just watch - 30% CPU usage
Xiaomi Mi 9t - same situation 60%
With 1080p Mobile and computer setting 30 fps
But no registered just same setting.
An old smartphone use low cpu computer as a new ?