Manycam mobile app full screen suport and others

Four Questions for help:

  1. Manycam mobile - full-screen support.
    Any help on how to make the manycam video recording/youtube live using full-screen
    mode from Manycam mobile? I remember it was working before.

    Please help and provide steps.
  2. Recording / Playing option in MP3 dual channel.
    There is no dual-channel recording or edit option in Manycam.
    I like to create a karaoke using dual-channel audio and mix with recording in MP4 format.
    Please help. Incase manycam can provide special editing software at a cost, it shall be great.
    Please help.

  3. Text Scrolling option with a running color background
    When scrolling texts, only Text background and Fonts are supported at present.
    Can it be possible to provide extra effects like the already scrolled text with a different font or
    background-color and Those texts not yet scrolled with a custom background color?
    This will help users to play and speak based on real-time playing.

  4. Saving format: There is no support for the FLV format. The recorded format size becomes too large.

Best Regards