ManyCam Mobile App - Each screen transmitting it's own audio

I need to use ManyCam Mobile to livestream to Facebook. I also have to connect an IP Camera from another mobile phone camera as a second screen. Unfortunately, both devices are picking up its own audio separately, thereby producing ripple audio. I need to be able to use audio only on the main (ManyCam) device; the connected second screen (IP Camera) device should only provide visual.

Note: I’ve tried turning the devices speakers volume off, it’s still ripple. When I use a single device, it’s fine, no ripples. I just need to get rid of the audio from the second device!


Hi, Debo_Faniran, did you solve this?
I’m looking for a similar situation:
Manycam managed from a static home computer, and I want to have 2 mobile devices transmitting video from the outside, but have only one of the mobile devices as the constant audio source of the entire event. Just like you, I want to have the second mobile device as a second video angle.