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ManyCam Lite on macOS - very high CPU usage

Hello ManyCam Team,

I am currently testing ManyCam Lite on macOS. The user interface is way more convenient than that of prior versions and the “ManyCam Lite Video Device” is recognized in pretty much all of my applications (this is a huge improvement, well done!). However, one thing that bugs me is that ManyCam Lite appears to consume a lot of CPU and starts to lag, simply by hovering the mouse over several buttons.

Here is the video: CleanShot 2022-03-08 at 12.59.22 · CleanShot Cloud

Notice how the “% CPU” column in the Activity Monitor app increases from around 65% all the way to 156%, an almost 100% increase! Please fix this.

Hey @random12345

The issue has been fixed in the latest update. Please reinstall ManyCam and let us know if this helped.

Hi Mikhail

Yes, the latest update fixed this issue. Thank you!