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ManyCam Lite - Gave up

So I gave up on ManyCam Lite. It messed around with my ManyCam full license and my McAfee anti-virus kept quarantine the executable thinking it was a virus. Not sure where ManyCam Lite is going and why anyone would use it as the full version seems to do more and not have any side affects.



Thanks for feedback.

ManyCam Lite shares activation with ManyCam 7, but you need ManyCam 7.10 and (unfortunately) you may need to reactivate subscription in 7.10 to count activation once.

As for McAfee, I guess that is false positive (see VirusTotal). If you want please report this to McAfee as false positive (can’t do this as need to know exact product name and other details).

I think the best option for you is to use full version. As far as I know Lite is planned as cheaper version of full ManyCam.