"ManyCam is up to date" is wrong - version issue

I was running ManyCam on macOS. The About ManyCam box tells me on the top line that I have ManyCam Premium Lifetime (accurate).

The line under, today, said Current Version, and under that it said ManyCam is up to date.

That was inaccurate, as I discovered when I tried to use the NDI feature. Turns out is available.

If this indicator can’t be right, it shouldn’t be shown. At least I’d know that I need to visit your website.

Version Issue
Your main page says ManyCam 7.4 is live! With NDI Input available!
So I went to the Download page, clicked the Download for Mac button, and was offered ManyCam.dmg. But when I opened the download dmg, it didn’t contain 7.4

Maybe you don’t want to sync versions for good reason, but you should include enough information so we know we’re getting the latest without error. The front page (7.4 is live!) makes me feel like I didn’t get the current version, though the NDI feature is present.

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I have Studio Lifetime on PC and I have the same issue. My installed version is and it says it’s up to date, but obviously that’s not the case and I don’t get any notifications there’s an update available.

Just got the 7.4 email this morning. Downloaded Mac version, it’s still 7.3!!

Hey @C-Alyanak @Esch @vulcan666

ManyCam for Mac also got an update with NDI support recently (ver. 7.3). This version contains NDI Inputs and many fixes and improvements. See the full list here: https://manycam.com/mac_changes/ .

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Thanks. Understood. A mini suggestion would be to put both a version number and maybe a brief feature list under each of the download buttons (PC/Mac). When you sent out the email saying that 7.4 is available, you did not specify Mac or PC. Just a thought. Thanks!!

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I agree - this confused me too. If you are running two separate dev tracks then please do make it clear 7.4 for Windows is out…

This confused me as well

Bug is still alive. Is there no one from the company here to read along and finally fix this bug?