Manycam is not working on OmeTV / Chatalternate

When i try to go on OmeTV/ it says: The chat users are prohibited from using ManyCam program. Please delete prohibited program and restart the chat.

Also when changing the webcam name or when i add more virtual webcams with the ‘‘Standard Anual’’ option i payed for

For me Manycam is useless now… any solution?

hey @JuliaAmsterdam,

Welcome to the ManyCam community. Try the follwing:

  1. Go to Windows Sound settings and disable the ManyCam Virtual Microphone as shown in this screenshot:
  2. Install Firefox and try accessing the websites again. Make sure to restart the browser each time you rename the webcam.

Still not working and the same problem. I also never selected the Manycam virtual mic at the choice sector at that website. But also when disable it in settings of my laptop nothing changed. I also tried it at Firefox and even Chrome and Opera (to be sure it was not a browser problem)…

So… what now?

Even though ManyCam Virtual Microphone is not selected as your microphone, this does not prevent you from being banned because this site has access to your list of devices, including all mics and webcams so it does know that you have it, hence disabling the ManyCam microphone is mandatory to make this work.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Close Firefox and make sure it’s not listed on Device Manager,
  2. Disable the ManyCam microphone on Windows settings as I suggested above,
  3. Rename ManyCam Virtual Webcam in ManyCam’s Settings and make sure to save the changes by pressing Edit, when picking the name, go with something like Logitech C615,
  4. Restart ManyCam,
  5. Now run FireFox and try again.

Still not working. On Chrome and Opera still got the ‘’ The chat users are prohibited from using ManyCam program. Please delete prohibited program and restart the chat.’’

On Mozilla i can select the virtual cam (when i change the name and turn the mic complete off in settings as you said)… I also first got a black screen with ‘‘you have denied acces to your services.Your partners will not able to see and hear your’’. And then when i reselect my self renamed virtual cam i see myself. But something still doesnt go well because when i search people i see myself but everbody skips me and send no messages so they dont see me somehow (tested it at 100+ persons). Also my text messages dont come to the people. While when i dont use Manycam but my original cam they dont skip all and some are chatting and the conversation is possible…

So what now?

Hi @JuliaAmsterdam,

Please open chrome://settings/content/camera in Chrome and post here list of your cameras:

Also please share the list of cameras in ManyCam: