ManyCam fullscreen mode on second monitor

I suggest to implement fullscreen mode on a second monitor. At the moment you can put the full screen preview on the second monitor, but when you doubleclick the image to hide the information bar, it jumps back to the main screen.

For your information: I’m using manycam for my presentations in webex. Webex has only a poor video resolution. So I’m using webex presentation sharing to show my presentation with my embedded chroma key video. I share in webex my second monitor with a native full hd resolution (presentation sharing). On this monitor is the manycam Full Screen Broadcast but with the title bar. If I double click the image, the Full Screen Broadcast window jump on the main screen (with another resolution…WQHD is not so good within a presentation sharing :wink:).

So please implement the full screen mode without title bar on a second monitor.