ManyCam freezing

Hello! More issues being reported from my teachers. When they minimize ManyCam (Version 7), and use another program, then maximize it, it freezes. This is an issue when we want to use the global hotkeys and not have ManyCam on the screen. We should be able to minimize without freezing. It is also freezing for some teachers as they switch feeds.


Hey @Paige_J,

Could you please send us a video illustrating the issue? A short video illustrating the problem would greatly help us isolate and investigate the issue. Could you please make and upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud file storage? Please make sure this link is public (i.e. does not require an account to access it). Send it to with subject " ManyCam freezing_838)"

Also, did this issue first occur in ManyCam 7, or there were similar problems in older versions?

There were no issues with this prior to 7. I will try to get some video of it freezing.

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I have had the new ManyCam 7 repeatedly freeze on me. I think I’ve finally figured out what’s causing it to freeze.

I often use the “Hide all” and “Show all” hotkeys for effects. Let’s say I’ve selected and then hidden 5+ effects. Then, it seems that whenever I select on and show a GIF or similar effect animation, there’s no problem. When I finish using this effect, I click my hotkey to “hide all”. After it’s hidden, it remains in the “selected effects” window. If I move my mouse cursor to one of these GIF effects and unhide it, while I’m actively teaching a class (CPU may be running at 85%) ManyCam will freeze and ultimately shutdown. I typically wouldn’t have more than one or two GIFs hidden in the “selected effects” window, however I may have 8 or so total effects and it only happens while I’m actively using my teaching platform. But it seems to happen every time I do it in this order. If I “X” or remove the GIF from the “selected effects” window and then select it again from the Effects Folder, then ManyCam won’t freeze, but if I unhide it, then it does freeze. Any ideas? Is this a bug with the software, or is my laptop just not able to handle the load that so many hidden effects and animations are placing on the CPU?

Hi @chellbell,

This bug should be fixed in beta 7.0.8:
Please try it out and let us know.

I just installed it. I’ll let you know.