Manycam Filters slow video down over time

I’ve been playing around with some filters in MC and I’ve noticed that the video begins to slow down on most of them over a short span of time (10-15 minutes). After initially applying a filter the MC preview is nice and peppy. After about 10-15 minutes I’d say the preview seems to be about 3-5 frames per second. Not sure if the video feed recipients are seeing that frame rate but the preview certainly stutters.

Is there something I should be looking at that’s a common cause of this?

I’ve noticed that the issue seems to become more prevalent on scenes that are not active. If I switch to a different scene then flip back to a scene with a filter, it seems to have gotten slower as it sat in the background.


Non active scenes are running with lower FPS to save resources, when you switch to a scene it starts to work with regular FPS. Your case? If not, please provide a video.

Here’s a sample video:

Two scenes showing the same animated GIF. Applied the “Old Photo” filter to the first scene. Initially the speed of the animation seems great.

Switched to the non-filtered scene and let it sit for a while. At the 2:33 mark I switched back to the filtered scene. There seems to be some slow down to the frame rate but not too bad at this point. Switched back to the non-filtered scene and let it stew for a couple more minutes.

At the 5:23 mark I switched back to the filtered scene and you can clearly see the degrade of the fps. This will continue to get worse the more times the scene is switched away from and returned to. If I remove the filter, the gif immediately plays at normal fps and I can re-apply the filter and things will be fine. If I stay on the scene, even if I close ManyCam to the tray and go back to it later, the scene is fine. It’s only when I switch away from it and go back that it begins to degrade.

This happens with cam feeds as well so it doesn’t seem to be specific to gifs or video scenes. Just didn’t want to showcase my ugly mug for the sample video.

PS: I’ve also noticed that with the “Old Photo” filter, as it degrades the fade-to-black border of the filter begins to get VERY pronounced. Here is a short follow up video of the scene just a little while later after a few more switch-aways and backs.

You can see that the border has become huge and the animation fps is about 2-3 fps.