ManyCam eventually runs very slowly

I do not have solid information at this point; I’ve noticed that my system - and especially ManyCam itself - eventually gets to a point where it is too slow for using. When I shut MC down, my system started working again decently. I started MC up once more, and MC was even slower, so I shut it down again.

Incidentally, I don’t know if it would affect MC at all but I do have a tendency to switch between 1-3 monitors frequently throughout the day.

Just adding a checkpoint. I have indeed found that ManyCam seems to be the cause of the slowness. I would let it run throughout the day, connecting to meetings via Teams and Zoom, and eventually it just taxes my system FAR too much to be usable. I have uninstalled. I’m sad, because I love the product - I bought a mid-tier lifetime license. I’ll try again on another computer, and report back in when I have further findings.