Manycam Driver Failed after Windows Current Update

I was already having problems with UTube videos not uploading or playing in Manycam, but I did have the use of the MC camera and audio. But this morning when I signed in, Manycam says “driver failed”, so no camera and no audio. I was still able to use my computer camera and audio so I was able to teach but I did not have the luxury of using Manycam. In fact, I had to close it so I could use my computer camera and audio to teach classes.

I just updated Windows since I received an alert to load the most current update. I did that late yesterday. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but probably is the issue with the driver failing.

So what is the solution? Are you working on ensuring that the latest Windows update and Manycam are communicating? How can I get my Manycam back?

Thank you
Teacher Wendy Ow

Hi @wbaudin,

Windows 10 sometimes uninstalls some software during updates, this happend to me once with ManyCam. Simply reinstalling ManyCam solves the issue.
More details can be found here

Thank you. However, I wanted to save all the pictures I have loaded into Manycam, before I uninstall so I don’t have to reload them all again. I have over 100 pictures. I viewed this link so I could save my effects,
but the file c:\users\user_name\appdata\roaming\manycam\ that the instructions say to find is not in my computer. I have a new HP laptop so its not due to the computer being outdated. What other file could these be under?
I would like to suggest that Manycam makes it easier when Windows has an update, so we can keep and not loose our pictures we have saved in Manycam. Because whenever we uninstall it, everything we have saved is gone and we have to start all over again.

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Hi @wbaudin,

Are you sure you replaced USER_NAME with your actual user name?
You can also try to type %AppData% and submit enter in explorer, then open Roaming then ManyCam.


Yes, I did exactly as the instructions and then some. Cannot find any files or effects for Manycam.

I did however, load your website Manycam version again and I did not delete the version that was currently on my computer. The effects carried over into the version I reloaded. For a few days, the UTube videos did work, but now they are not working again. Are you working on finding the glitch between Manycam and Utube? When do you think it might be resolved?

Note: lately, when VIPKID Firemen change the format of the class to an older version of their classroom, because the student is having connectivity problems, Manycam’s camera and audio doesn’t work. I have to completely shut down and close Manycam and just use my computer’s audio and camera.

I just found these instructions (see below) on this forum for another user who did loose all of her effects. I followed the below instructions and did find the Manycam folder with my effects. The instructions that I was previously given did not work or find anything. So I did find my files by using what was provided below.

  1. Close ManyCam by pressing CTRL + Q ,
  2. Press Win + R , copy-paste %appdata% and hit Enter . Navigate to the ManyCam folder,
  3. Find the “state_storage” and “settings” files, and send them by email to our support team at

That’s weird, instructions are basically the same :slight_smile: Anyway, glad the problem is fixed now.

Please create a new topic for the VIPKID platform issue. We’ll look into it, but as we don’t have access to the platform, we’ll most likely be unable to isolate the problem.

Note that starting Version 76.0.3809.87, Google Chrome for macOS has had some changes that prevent ManyCam and other apps from appearing on the list of webcam options. The Google team have already confirmed the problem on their end and hopefully they will come up with an update soon. We are also looking for ways to workaround this problem.

We’ve updated the guide on how to backup and transfer ManyCam effects based to your comments. I guess the instructions that worked for you are more reliable, thanks for pointing that out.

Hi! Can someone please help me? I installed ManyCam then uninstalled it. My windows 10 was automatic updated and as I was about to download and install latest version of ManyCam, it won’t show any run nor pop-up window for installation. After clicking the “run as administrator” manycam installer just disappeared.

Hey @Sincerely_Shai

Try this:

  1. In Device Manager, click on Imaging devices and choose ManyCam Virtual Webcam -> Uninstall. Check “Delete the driver software” and press OK.
  2. Uninstall ManyCam and reboot the system, refer to
  3. Disable antivirus/firewall/defender before proceeding with installation and install ManyCam from our official site

well am using a windows 10 and i want to use maycam version 2.7 on it but it doesnt work how will i get it to work image

Hey @lovely_Monica

By ‘maycam version 2.7’ do you mean ManyCam 2? Please note that the current version is ManyCam 7, and older versions were designed for older operating systems.