Manycam crashes throughout the day


I uninstalled many cam because it was running slow. I then reinstalled it and the app would not start at all. After reading a thread on this forum, I took advice and downloaded the app from the link that was provided, and it managed to start, but now it crashes throughout the day. It seems to crash when selecting effects.

Shall I reset manycam settings? Or is there another way to solve this issue?

I have tried to download the version from the manycam website, the latest version and the beta version. Unfortunately neither of them start at all. The only version that starts is the one that I downloaded from the link in a thread from this forum.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hi @MaxJ

Please upload the crash dump file ManyCam.exe.***.dmp from C:\ProgramData\ManyCam\CrashDumps somewhere (e.g. Google drive) and send us the link to

Thank you for your reply.

I will upload it now for you.

Many thanks.

Hi @MaxJ
Thanks for your help.
Please try out beta ( - the problem should be fixed):