Manycam crashes randomly when dragging in images

There is a SERIOUS FLAW with the upgraded version 7.8!!! I have PREMIUM lifetime and installed on 2 PC’s and the problem occurs on BOTH PC’s. I pull in images (jpg) at random and then randomly it crashes. For example, all goes well for the first 3 images, then the 4th one makes ManyCam crash!. I then have to restart (shortcut icon) and a few seconds later it starts back up with the image loaded in the video source. Today I wanted to rule out if it was something to do with the images/jpg format so I kept a list of those for which manycam crashed. I then tried those same images but they worked fine. The problem is RANDOM. But it happens very frequently, about every 4-6th image and this is not GOOD when I am teaching a class as it freezes my main camera (me) on the students PC and they think I am having problems with the internet! Please fix ASAP!

Hi @John_Davisson,
Please try out beta: