Manycam crashes on install (all versions)

Manycam crashes on install (versions from last year installed well on this computer)
Wanted to update in April. Since then none of the versions works.
Also wrote to hotline - still same problem, could not be resolved
Spec: Win 10 / 64bit / I7 / nvidia GTX 1660 TI - of course latest drivers
Crash with download installer around 45% / complete installer crash immediately after start / Beta installer crashes also immediately after start crash 0x000007b

really sad that I cannot use the program since several month now and nobody caring about this problem.
I purchased several premium versions and was really happy before, recommended it wherever I could -but with this lack of service I simply cannot recommend Manycam to anybody anymore !!! very very sad
Even customer service just responded with “please download new version” - not very helpful. Some companies that take this serious would have implemented a log file capability or something of that sort - but not this company. Sorry guys this is simply stupid kicking your customers like this.