Manycam Crashes on choosing an external audio interface

I’am using Manycam on a MBpro and a Macpro on resp.the Catalina and High Sierra OS and on both my computers my motu microbookII crashes the app when choosing it as an audio input. I tried another external audio interface, my Ecler evo5, which does the same with the Manycam app. Crash!!

I use a work round with Ableton live and soundflower but it is far from elegant. Why is it crashing

Sync, clock?
Any suggestions on why it’s crashing?

Can anyone help me here?

I have the same problem. My system: iMac Mid 2011, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, RME Fireface 400 audio interface.

ManyCam crashes when I select Fireface as an audio input.

Do you get audio signal when you select external audio interface for audio playback in ManyCam?

ManyCam doesn’t crash when I select Fireface for audio playback, but I don’t get any audio signal that way, it’s like muted.

I do have the same problem using the RME Fireface UFX+.

ManyCam crashes when I select the Fireface as an audio input device. When I select the audio from my 4K CamLink adapter, it works.

For the Fireface I tried USB and Thunderbolt. Same effect on both inputs.

When I select the Fireface as audio playback device, I get the playback from the internal microphone or from the 4K CamLink adapter.

What can we do? I really want to use my professional mixer …

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Hey @tombox72

We’ll need more information to investigate this. Follow the steps from this guide:

Same with my UFX… I have sent the crash report.

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Manycam team, have you found a solution for this issue? Thanks