Manycam Crashes on choosing an external audio interface

I’am using Manycam on a MBpro and a Macpro on resp.the Catalina and High Sierra OS and on both my computers my motu microbookII crashes the app when choosing it as an audio input. I tried another external audio interface, my Ecler evo5, which does the same with the Manycam app. Crash!!

I use a work round with Ableton live and soundflower but it is far from elegant. Why is it crashing

Sync, clock?
Any suggestions on why it’s crashing?

Can anyone help me here?

I have the same problem. My system: iMac Mid 2011, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, RME Fireface 400 audio interface.

ManyCam crashes when I select Fireface as an audio input.

Do you get audio signal when you select external audio interface for audio playback in ManyCam?

ManyCam doesn’t crash when I select Fireface for audio playback, but I don’t get any audio signal that way, it’s like muted.

I do have the same problem using the RME Fireface UFX+.

ManyCam crashes when I select the Fireface as an audio input device. When I select the audio from my 4K CamLink adapter, it works.

For the Fireface I tried USB and Thunderbolt. Same effect on both inputs.

When I select the Fireface as audio playback device, I get the playback from the internal microphone or from the 4K CamLink adapter.

What can we do? I really want to use my professional mixer …

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Hey @tombox72

We’ll need more information to investigate this. Follow the steps from this guide:

Same with my UFX… I have sent the crash report.

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Manycam team, have you found a solution for this issue? Thanks

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. The issue with ManyCam crashing when selecting an external audio interface has been resolved, please reinstall ManyCam from this page: