Manycam crash after install on windows

When I install manycam on my computer, the program start and alla is OK. But, after shutdown my computer and restart, manycam don’t open. I must reset settings of many cam and restart again my computer for it starting well. I must perform this operation each time I shutdown my computer.

I use windows 7 64 bit whith graphic card GEforce GT710.

Someone could help me ?

Thank you for your help

Hey @Stephane_Botscazo

Can you confirm it’s still crashing on the latests Beta?

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yes same problem here - with all versions also with beta

Hey @rsteiner

Can you contact our Support team at about this? They’ll need the following information:

A crush dump file. Press Windows key and R ( Win+R ) and paste %Programdata%\manycam\crashdumps and find the latest crash dump file in the opened folder (it will look somewhat like manycam.exe.1234.dmp )

Upload this file to Google Drive, OneDrive or any other cloud file storage. Please make sure this link is public (i.e. does not require an account to access it)

- DxDiag report

Press Win+R , type-in dxdiag and hit Enter . Then click Save all information and attach the file in a reply to this email.

We will also need the Log files from ManyCam , please complete the following steps to collect them:

  1. Download and install latest ManyCam version:
  2. Run ManyCam and reproduce the crash.
  3. Close ManyCam completely by pressing Ctrl + Q ,
  4. Press Win + R , type-in %appdata%\ManyCam\Logs ,
  5. Then select all files from this folder, right-click -> select Send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder . Send the compressed zip folder to us.

Please also link this thread so we could get back to you immediately once the issue is isolated.

@Stephane_Botscazo, if you also still experience this, please do the same.

@Mikhail: Manycam - no mater which version also 7.4.018

Dxdiage did not report any errors and manycam did not create any logs but crashed immediately after starting the Setup. error 7D

Something similar seems to be happening to me now.
I recently did the Windows 10 feature install and it deleted the ManyCam camera driver. I had to reinstall ManyCam from the most recent version off the website. I also had to update my OpenGL and NVIDIA Grapics Card drivers because they were causing issues and causing my programs to crash. After fixing those issues, the Graphics drivers seem to be working fine and newly installed. Now ManyCam continues to randomly crash. I tried to download the beta version as well as the public release but unfortunately both are randomly crashing. The last one that worked perfectly for me was vs 7.0.8, but now I don’t have access to it. I currently have intalled and I see a lag in my video feed as well. Please ANY help to rectify this problem is desperately needed as I depend on ManyCam daily for work. @Mikhail

I also just downloaded (and paid for the lifetime version!!!) and it works fine on startup, until I switch to the virtual background. It immediately crashes. I attempted to fix this using Windows compatibility but it changed my Windows version to 8. Then when i attempted to use the virtual background it said it wasn’t compatible with Windows 8. Please help!

Hello @DMB7000, @chellbell

Can you post screenshots of ManyCam Settings -> General here?

Sending the information listed here would also help.

I guess I’ll send all the information together via email.


Our support team has received the files. We are trying to isolate the cause atm.

Could you please try switching to OpenGL instead of DirectX (ManyCam Settings -> General)? Be sure to restart ManyCam to save the changes. Let me know if this made any difference.

Also, I had to remove the crash dump link from your recent forum post since it contained some sensitive data (though the data is entirely technical).


I’m waiting since MAY to get this fixed and cannot use my licenses.


DXDiag did not report any errors and no ManyCam error logs were created!!!
So nothing to send




Hey @rsteiner

Our support team will get in touch with you.

So even i faced the issue but what I did to fix is that I reset-ed the setting of Manycams.
And after that it works just fine
It can be found where you have installed your ManyCams
C:\ProgramData\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ManyCam.
If u manually search in the windows search bar you might see the Reset Manycam settings as well!
And after reset-ing, I opened Manycams and it works just fine.

But yeah all your settings would be RESET-ED
So do it on your own risk.

I had 4 crashes withing a 25 minute lesson today with the new version Will probably lose pay for that class. Very fed up with ManyCam. Worked better a year ago than it does now. I have given up on Chroma Key as well as many other features, but crashing in the class is unacceptable.

Hi @Meljan,

Sorry for bad experience, beta may crash, it is better to use stable version. If you still experience crashes with stable version, please upload crash dump files (all *.dmp) from C:\ProgramData\ManyCam\CrashDumps somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox) and send the link to