ManyCam Chroma Key Vs. Zoom Virtual Background

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds does not have any options other than ON/OFF with the ability to switch the background but it just works! How can we setup ManyCam to work the same?

I really like many things about ManyCam but the green screen is difficult to get right and the settings can’t even be saved or copied to other presets.

My company is evaluating buying licenses for each instructor, but I am hesitant on recommending this tool if it’s not as easy as Zoom.

Any ideas? Any setup settings in ManyCam that I am not considering?


Hi @Andres_Perez,

Please try out our latest beta, where Chroma Key UI was revamped (win only):

Among other we added reset buttons for Auto (redetects background color) and for Color Picker (resets what you selected):

Is there a timeline for when this revamped Chroma Key UI will be available on Mac?
OBS also has a better Chroma Key and that’s a free software.
I have a full studio lighting setup with a taut, steamed green screen and the software is still pixelating my background whereas both Zoom & OBS pick it up no problem.


Does OBS allows you to fake a webcam like Manycam does? I love that I can select ManyCam as a webcam for the different meeting apps.

Supporting Alex_Stoeber Question - Is there a timeline for when this revamped Chroma Key UI will be available on Mac?

OBS has a virtual camera plugin

It appears to work rather well though their chroma key needs good lighting.

I was searching this particular info about obs and found your reply shawngiese. thanks! also, if anybody has problems with obs (I mean too have for your pc or just complicated for you) you should check out this site to find other green screen software. good luck everyone!