Manycam causing network to fail

This just started happening today. My network failed on my PC - I’m hardwired into my router. When I was troubleshooting, I noticed that the router was still connected to the network. Connecting through WIFI wouldn’t work. I noticed a huge amount of data being transferred out of my computer, and then checked windows task manager and noticed that Manycam was using +25MB/s on the network. I killed the process and my internet started working again. I’ve since tested it by turning on Manycam, and it kills the network instantly. Anyone else having this issue?

@Kevin What version of MC do you use? Do you run RTMP streaming? You may also try to investigate the destination of your traffic by using network software like glasswire.

I’m still having the issue. I don’t RTMP streaming, I’m using Manycam 8 on Windows 11, and I’m just using it as an advanced virtual background. But it’s causing too many issues with my computer. I haven’t investigated the destination of the traffic. it just seems when it runs it overloads my network to the point that the internet stops. I’d DDOS’ing my own computer. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this.