ManyCam Causes macOS Safari 14.1.2 To Crash When Enabling Webcam

In macOS, whenever ManyCam is installed, it reliably causes the latest macOS Safari 14.1.2 to crash whenever trying to visit a website that prompts for camera access. The page goes into a reload loop and eventually fails with:

“This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred.”

I’ve confirmed the issue is only fixed if I manually delete:

The issue persists when using the latest version of ManyCam. The issue started some time back with Catalina and persists with the latest macOS Big Sur 11.5.2. I only just now found out what was causing it.

Is anyone else seeing this?


Hey @Takuro

Please let me know what website you visit. We’ll try to reproduce on our end.
Also, does this happen if you use Chrome?

It happens on every single site that requests webcam access, eg: Chat Roulette.

Chrome isn’t impacted. Just Safari 14.1.2 and also the latest Safari 15.0 Technology Preview.