ManyCam Beta Version on Windows 10

I am having issues with the connection from ManyCam as it reaches out to two different server ips that seem to be bad.
Servers are and

Bad traffic seems to concern the download of the updated and packed openh264.bz2 containing a dll file.

When I encountered the issue I also downloaded and installed the program from download2 and 3.
The scenario is the same with all 3 downloaded packages.

I can install on one PC, but the others stop during installation and the crash.
The one pc with the “full” installation does also create some extensive internet traffic when started and running.
In case you need further information I will try to see what I can get from my router logs.

Hi @HenrikZaq,

Thank you for your feedback.

I guess the servers are for this download link:
Could you try if this link is reachable for you in the browser? What if you try to “ban” this host (resolve to in your hosts file)?

Can you provide a screenshot about how much traffic is produced (use glasswire or something like this).


I believe you are right.

Using the reference you gave me I receive a " Your connection is not private" due to a certificate issued for valid until sept 2021.

I have found that the traffic volume is not the issue, the connection seems to be blocked. I have allowed the connection, but still face the privacy issue.

I have found that due to the domain and certificate mixup akamai vs cisco… I find Norton Antivirus actually blocking the site as well.

@HenrikZaq Could you try fresh beta? At least it should not crash anymore.

Done - on
I fail to get access to settings and I am only able to see a miniature of myself w og w/o background.
When used on Teams, Skype, Zoom or Adobe Connect I see the full screen camera input though.

Can see the tool bar, but when full screen is selected nothing happens. The hide/show ManyCam didn’t work.

I finally succeded to get out of overlay mode and into setting. Now see the normal settings and video presets and layouts…

Got it to work to some extent, but only barely on my old DELL laptop - better on my new DELL with the Nvidia graphics.