ManyCam Beta increased latency after v7.2.0.40 and up

First Input
On Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, i5-6300u 2.5 Ghz, 16gb ram, Intel HD Graphics 520

Used to run with no issues what so ever with beta…
CPU and GPU load is higher now and a high latency is highly visible even with just 720p 20 fps or 480p 20fps…

I have the software installed on PCs with higher capacity and better graphics, but since I promote ManyCam for general use iwth our customers I would recommend that most standard features also get to work on basic pc’s.
On this pc I only reach 4-5 fps even on 480p with 20fps set.

Second input:
On Window 10 Pro with an old i7-3770 3.40 ghz running at 3.90
32 Gb ram 1TB SSD, 2x6TB WDC HDDs, and only a MSI Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB it is running smoothly.

Even at 60 FPS when 1080p or 2160p are selected.
No latency in movement no blur on movements.

Same Webcams used on both computers: Logitech BRIO and Logitech C930e.

I can tell that some changes have been made from to BETA - of course I cannot tell the core differences, but…
Both computers are running same version of ManyCam, but the first is just not coping very well any more.
I have been using the software in the enterprise version for a couple of years now.

CPU usage seem to be just about the same, but usage of RAM is very different: Both PC are set up with 30fps as the standard and 480p or 720p.

First pc - when set to 480p or 720p even with 20fps or 30 fps (as I could before) the ram usage goes above 990 MB.

Second pc - when set to 720p 30fps - PU 2-3% 422-440 mb ram is used. Same with 20, 60fps 6% cpu. ((with blur actual fps is lowered from 30 to 15-20)
When set to 1080p 30fps CPU usage increases to 4% Ram 496 MB. (with blur actual fps is lowered to 15-18 - goes on for a while and ManyCam then freezes the webcam input))
When set to 1080p 60fps CPU usage increases to 10% Ram 496 MB. (with blur actual fps is lowered from 60 to almost permanent value of 18 - goes on for a while and ManyCam then freezes the webcam input)
When set to 2160p 60fps CPU usage increases to 15% Ram 765 MB.
When set to 2160p 30fps CPU usage increases to appro 12% Ram is the same 765 MB.

@ieo @Mikhail Any feedback on this? I don’t think much was changed on this front with the latest update right?

None of the more recent beta updates have solved this issue.
Any chance that you have been able to replicate this experience??

In case you need further details please let me know - I am sure I can provide additional logs… or behavioral analytics.

Hey @HenrikZaq,

Please try to use stable 7.2.1 at first and report if its better:
I see that we changed our Virtual Background/Blur feature between and, maybe this was the reason. Does this feature increase latency? Please also provide a task manager performance screenshot for your GPU when ManyCam is running:


I have already tried with the “stable” 7.2.1 - the result is the same as you will see.
I need to go a few step further back in order to have it work on my work laptop.
(I noticed a Beta version this morning, but this is not part of this test)

The old multimedia pc has no visible issues.
Software is configured the same, only not with the graphics card (GPU), memory and CPU.

I have run made a few screen dumps based on the following:

  1. Old multimedia pc - no chroma key, no blur and no replace (1080p 30fps)
  2. Old multimedia pc - with chroma key background, no blur and no replace (1080p 60fps)
  3. Laptop - no chroma key, no blur and no replace (720p 30fps)
  4. Laptop - with chroma key background, no blur and no replace (720p 30fps)

Scenario one:

Scenario 2

Scenario 3 - laptop

Scenario 4 - laptop

I hope that the differences are visible, also that the alleged 720p 30fps is lowered considerably, which was not the case in earlier versions.

Now I have also tried the BETA version - additional dumps from 2 runs with that version with the laptop:
(With the Beta it seems that the actual FPS reached is higher than what was the result of the the stable 7.2.1 version with either Blur or Chroma key activated - CPU and GPU load is still high)

1 - 720p 30fps no Chroma, BLUR and no Replace

1 - 720p 30fps Chroma, no BLUR and no Replace



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I have followed the most recent updates (beta) as well, and I do see changes that has affected the CPU and GPU load - further the FPS is now a bit closer to what you would expect when selecting 20 or 30fps - even with blur, replace or Chroma Key active in just a single “layout”.

Nice to see these positive changes.

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Even with the greatly improved GPU/CPU load in version I have found that with a Logitech Brio or C930e I receive a blinking effect or “black screen” as my image is seen as part of the black background…!

The blinking effect is “obtained” with a basic PNG or JPG file.

Blinking effect when trying blut or replace in beta - 2020-06-02_12-37-31|video

Great improvements with PC with Havent yet had a chance to try out the Mac in the latest version.

Chroma key setting are rather light sensitive, so a permanent non changing light is highly recommended.

The HSL and YUV assesment provides two different approaches that are very nice to be able to switch between. But I never really know which of the profiles work the best - depends on clothing, light features, background images selected I guess.

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