ManyCam and Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

Hey there!

I use ManyCam on my MacBook Pro. When I add a PowerPoint-Presentation it automatically starts on the Keynote-App but I would rather use Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac (issues with animation etc.).
I cannot find an option to change the app. Is there any?


+1. This has been a sticking point for me.

I would also like the ability to natively work because Keynote just chews up my slides, kills my animations, and removes annotation.

I tried window share but it does not reconnect when you open and close, so maybe screenshare?

I would think that if you set up Powerpoint as your default app to open Powerpoint presentation, it would work the way you want. When you double-click a Powerpoint file, does it open in Powerpoint or in Keynote? If it opens in Keynote, then you need to change the default presentation app.

Single click on a powerpoint file, and press command-I to Get Info. In the Get Info dialog, scroll down to the “Open with” option. Select PowerPoint from the popup, and click the “Change all…” button. If Powerpoint doesn’t show up in the popup, select Other and navigate to Powerpoint.

Actually the first thing I made sure is set up right. I don’t use Keynote at all so PP is standard for all kinds of presentation. Does this work for you? Had no effect on my problem.

I don’t do presentations so I didn’t check to see if it works for me. Sorry that didn’t help. If that’s not it, then it sounds like a ManyCam issue. If you don’t use Keynote, have you tried uninstalling it to see if that helps?

I am in the same boat. I’d much prefer powerpoint over keynote. Anyway to stop keynote from trying to take control in ManyCam for macs?

Yap, same issue here - it’s really weird, as it even says “PowerPoint” when choosing the layer, not “Keynote”

Same problem and same request

I have the same problem: Manycam is unable to open my presentation in powerpoint - ManyCam tries to open it in keynote. But there is always a failure message. Last version, installed it again. I would like that ManyCam opens my presentation in powerpoint for Mac because keynote changes my presentations!! I am very angry about that - this is the most important tool for me as a trainer. Will try to get my money back!!!