Manycam and Logitech software not compatible

Hello. I work for several online teaching platforms. One platform does not allow fo manycam use. Lags horribly…so I must use plain Logitech software. The problem is…when I go back to use manycam, it tells me that my camera is in use somewhere and won’t allow me to use it. Trust me when I say that I have looked everywhere for a camera in use. I cannot find it anywhere. All programs are shut down and I even have checked through the task manager. HELP! Currently I have to unistall logitech to use manycam at all. Doing this daily as I switch from one platform to another is time consuming and quite annoying. I add and remove logitech daily so that I can use both!

I need some advice. :slight_smile:

Hey @Laura_Fordyce,

Try this guide