Manycam and EOS Webcam Beta


Today many websites are posting reviews about EOS Webcam Beta. That transforms your a Canon DSLR to a webcam directly through usb port.

Does anyone tested? I tested with an 77D and the image do not fullfill a Manycam Preset, it has a black frame on the image.



I am able to get video via the Canon EOS Webcam app (T7 camera on, connected via USB, in video mode, and with the live view button pressed). In ManyCam the EOS Webcam Beta appears as a camera option, but when I select it I just get a static graphic that says something like ‘EOS Webcam Beta’, no video. There is no difference whether I have the EOS utlity/webcam app running.

So it mostly works, but I think I’m missing a piece somewhere. Probably just need to fiddle with it some more.

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I am using a 5D Mark III and it worked with the Beta and I just updated to the release version and it works.

Make sure you camera is supported.

NOTE: When using this, ManyCam does not import the video full frame. The only work around fo this I can find is to go into the Properties and adjust the crop for that monitor to fill the screen.

I was having this same issue. Solution (albeit not a good one) is to go into the properties and adjust the cropping to remove the black frame it puts around the video.

I tried again with the updated EOS Webcam Utility and it is now working with ManyCam.
I think the problem was probably that I had the WiFi option on my camera enabled, this prevents the webcam function from working, but the camera and the driver don’t provide any indication that this could be the problem. Once I turned it off it started working with no problem.

Is anyone able to get the Canon or Sony webcam app to work with Manycam and mac? Mac users seem to be left in the dust by this company.