Manycam and Discord

I can’t seem to see the Manycam Virtual Mic as a sound source within Discord. I have reinstalled Manycam but I still don’t see it. Does anyone know if Discord is unable to see the Manycam virtual mic?

I do see the Manycam Virtual Mic reference in the Device Manager and that shows as having no errors.



I tested ManyCam with Discord on another laptop and things seem fine on this 2nd system. What’s the magic bullet?

Failing system is a Dell G-series gaming laptop. 16 gig of ram. Windows 10 Home fully updated.

Successful system is a Dell XPS 13 2019 gen laptop. 8 gig of ram. Windows 10 Home fully updated.

Obviously I install the same basic set of apps and utilities on each so both are generally the same as far as loaded software goes.


Hey @David_Wolfe,

Go to Windows Settings -> Sound and click Manage sound devices and check if the ManyCam Virtual Webcam is enabled.

Also, do you see the ManyCam mic in other apps on your Dell G-series gaming laptop? Check Skype for example.

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Thanks for the advice, Mikhail. That seemed to be the issue. The ManyCam Mic was disabled in the sound control panel. Any reason you can think of that might have caused that? I certainly didn’t do it manually and had just recently reinstalled ManyCam.

I can see the Mic device in all my apps now.