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ManyCam 8 Title color

How do you change the color of your title?
I can pick a color, but I have a specific hex code I want to use. The color hex code is displayed, but I can see no way to edit it.
Am I missing something?

The Titles background and foreground color settings, to the best of my memory, can only be selected by the slider. You do see the hex values but you cannot key an exact value as it is output only. With a little finesse you may adjust the value your seeking,

I was just starting to post about this. I can see the hex code that I want to change but … there is no way to enter one? How am I supposed to get the specific hex code color I want?

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And on top of that, you can’t even move the slider via the keyboard. This is infruruitating.

Unfortunately, it’s output only. The best you can do is to move the slider till you get your desired value or at least close to your desired value.