ManyCam 8 Audio Delay Controls are difficult to use

In ManyCam 7 I was able to tweak the audio delay by 10 ms positive or negative very easily by typing in delays, by using the arrow keys or by adjusting the slider.

ManyCam 8 doesn’t allow for typing in delays, the arrow keys are only active after the slider has presence and the slider scale is very long, making any attempt at adjusting the slider a crap shoot. Merely touching the slider ‘knob’ can change the delay 50-100 ms.

Moving the audio slider large amounts during a YouTube broadcast creates clicks and other distortions to the audio stream.

Please compare ManyCam 7 and ManyCam 8 audio delay controls and consider reverting to the excellent interface provided in ManyCam 7.

Thank you!

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@DonaldG In the latest version you may use mouse wheel to adjust delay by 10ms.