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ManyCam 7 won't open again if you exit

using Windows 10 64-bit (newest version of MC7):

I think I was able to reproduce the following issue:

  1. Open ManyCam 7
  2. Now click the close window button of ManyCam
  3. Now click the tray icon of ManyCam and click the “Exit” button
  4. Now try to open ManyCam 7 again - it won’t open

I think it’s important that you first click the close window button and afterwards you click the “Exit” button of the tray icon?

You now have to open the Task Manager and force quit “ManyCam Service 32-bit”.

Now you can reopen ManyCam 7 again. - After that I was not able to reproduce this issue anymore.
However, I will try as soon as I reboot.

Maybe someone can reproduce?

Sometimes I need to start Task Manager, go to the Background Processes and End Task of ManyCam processes. Afterwards, I am able to restart without any problems. Apparently, the tray icon to exit does not fully end background tasks cleanly.

I was able to reproduce another issue:

If you disable hardware acceleration in ManyCam and want to exit and restart the tray icon remains but I can’t select any menu like close etc.

So I have to use the Task Manager again.

You may try to disable ManyCam Service from start (and Stop it if it’s running).
Note: adding and renaming virtual cameras won’t work w/o this service.