Manycam 7 theme contrast

Hi folks,
Just got updated to the Manycam v7.

Is there any way to change the UI theme at all? As it stands, the new theme is really low contrast and actually is causing me a great deal of eyestrain and pain trying to use the interface. If there’s a way to have it in a high-contrast (particularly dark mode) theme that’d be really useful.

On an side note, having the rotation/scaling/contrast/shading options hidden in hover menus makes it difficult to adjust those settings while being able to see the video preview (it obscures the preview pane) - if there’s a way to move those buttons or restore them to being in toolbar/toolpanes that would be preferable. (on the plus side, they’re the only part of the interface I can somewhat easily see)

The low contrast is a real killer though. My eyes hurt from trying to distinguish elements of the UI.
In the meantime, is there a way to easily downgrade to the prior version? (Just found an installer of the previous version and it installed over the top of the newer version cleanly, so all good there)


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Hey @The1stImmortal,

ManyCam doesn’t have that yet. I’ve moved your post to Suggstions.

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I came here looking for this kind of suggestion. This grey on white contrast is tough tough tough. I love the layout, but the worst thing for me is the way it shows whether a mic is active or not. I just recorded a full hour without realising that System Sound wasn’t on, so it looks as if I was talking to the voices in my head the whole time. Could you make the icon green for on, and red with a cross through for off?


Well… technically it did have a higher contrast theme in prior versions, but it was removed.
Thankyou for the backend work you’ve put into the newer version but until the interface is readable I’m afraid that good work must go somewhat to waste. I’ll check in on the changelogs in the meantime, or if there’s a test version with a different theme please let me know.

Hi @Your_Teacher,

Good idea. In the mean time you can use the audio level metering aside the mic icon. If it is not “jumping” then you have no audio from you mic, see below:


I also use this on macOS in Dark Mode and ManyCam is painful to use now. Please help us out here, this just isn’t able to be used anymore without burning out our eyeballs!

This is a super important feature to add. Please pay attention here to our requests.


Hey @ylluminate

Dark mode is definitely something on our roadmap!
As for the microphone icon for @Your_Teacher this is also being added to the roadmap, we will find a way to better indicate that you have, or do not have a microphone active.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I’ve been sticking with 6.7 to save my eyes, from the changelogs nothing in the newer versions about contrast, dark mode, theme etc.
Hoping there’s something in a newer release or in the next one as the other features in the 7.x series would be worth the update.
So, any news on this front?

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Dark Mode, Dark Mode, Dark Mode… do it please… its 2021 Dark Mode should be in every app and IOS. its so important.