ManyCam for macOS is now live!

We are happy to introduce ManyCam for macOS. You can download this update for free from our official website .

This release fixes compatibility with apps optimized for Macs with the M1 chip.

is there a readme for new features in MacOS version and how to access/use?

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I have been unable to run any of the Manycam updates on OS X (the last version that runs is 7.3.1). All updates since always crash. I have tried uninstalls, reboots and reinstall and without fail the software crashes. This is on an intel macbook pro running OS X 11.2.3).

Hey @hcbsub

Please try

FYI - that did not work. The application crashes immediately in startup. So I waited for a newer version of the software to be release.
Just tried again today with the latest and the same issue - ManyCam crashes on opening the application. I have sent the logs and crash data to support. But at the moment it looks like ManyCam is not an option on the latest versions of OS X.

I eventually found the cause of the problem. It appears that the ManyCam app relies on the QT library. I had a version installed with brew, after uninstalling that version the ManyCam app was able to run.