Manycam 2 camera setup and performance on Mac

I have a 2019 base level MacBook Pro, and have noticed that running two C922 webcams are pretty taxing (not just Manycam, OBS as well). If I run one C922 at 1080 30fps, it’s all good. But two of them (and I’ve tried a DSLR as well to see if it makes a difference instead of two C922), it’s just heating up and running at 80 C, 3K rpms on fans constantly. If I push it down to 25fps, it cools down a little and there’s a little less fan. Here’s the thing, if I change the Manycam settings to “Hardware Acceleration: Disable” with all other general settings turned off, the computer actually doesn’t run as hot.

So here’s a question… has anyone been able to reduce webcam CPU usage or increase efficiency in some way when running 2 webcams on a Mac?


when I use my c925e alone, ManyCam is fine with CPU. When I add a second video source -any source: second camera or desktop, the CPU goes through the roof and the fans get ready for take off.

You can lower the CPU by lowering FPS and/or resolution, but in my opinion that’s a poor work around.

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I have a brand new 2019 iMac (3,7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5, 32 GB, Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB)

I use 3 cameras, 1 Logitech C920 and 2 x Panasonic Lumix G7, both with a capture card and it seems to be working quite fine but my previous 2013 iMac worked fine for some time and then started crashing every now and then, probably due to overheating With this new iMac the fans are spinning every now and then, but that’s normal I guess and temperature is about 65 C.

Fingers crossed. Still like Manycam, even though I get increasingly annoyed that it doesn’t remember my settings (random transitions or the app windows I want to show).

I’ve got a 2019 MacBook Pro and with one external Logitech webcam and attached iPad via Sidecar it makes so much fan noise that my audio is affected. have you been able to overcome your fan noise just through FPS control?

Hey @bfaubion

Have you tried this guide:

I have identified, in a different posting here, a likely architecture deficiency that, if corrected, would greatly increase the performance of ManyCam. It is clear that ManyCam is processing each instance of camera input individually - this is very inefficient.

Specifically, if I have 1 camera and nine presets each with a chromakeyed instance of the camera, ManyCam appears to be computing the chromakey nine times. Only once is necessary. Again, this is a software design decision (which is bad).


I have exactly the same problem with a brand new 16" macbook pro with upgraded RAM and graphics card. I was hoping that a new machine would finally solve my fans going crazy as I have to use Manycam for several hours a day. As you say, OBS is the same.
Thanks for the tip. I will try the settings that seem to have helped you a bit.