ManyCam 1.10 Android App Pro features info

I can’t find information anywhere about what paying for pro actually unlocks. Does the app have transitions and text/image overlays when paying to upgrade? Or does it just unlock more input sources? More information would be very helpful to everyone.

Hey @Lopemac,

ManyCam Pro on Android unlocks two addidtional video presets - this is the only paid feature on mobile, the rest of the features are available for free.

There’s no transitions or text features in the Android version. Hopefully that’ll be coming soon?

Consider posting a suggestion to add these features -

Hi @Lopemac,

BTW if you have any win/mac subscription, ManyCam for android unlocks all presets, just login into your account.

The connection Mobile + PC is only wifi maybe better USB 3.0 or more ?
For the future connection Mobile +PC but recording by Mobile to not use CPU of PC and maybe recording 4k by Mobile.