macOS ManyCam Virtual Webcam not detected

On MacOS (Mojave) I have installed ManyCam.
I have Skype, Camfrog, Facetime, Photo booth etc.
I can select ManyCam in Skype, but it is NOT available in Camfrog, Facetime, Photo booth - they only display the Default FaceTime camera in the dropdown.

I have installed the ManyCam app on my mobile, it connects and displays in the ManyCam desktop app fine. (although my face is blue - wierd)
All I am trying to do is use my Mobile as a second webcam for my Macbook. (later maybe even an ip camera)

Anyone know why this does not work? Driving me crazy!

Hi @camwood,

The reason of problem with camera visibility is the sandboxing, that Apple intentionally use in their software. There is no workaround for this problem. You may try to submit a feedback to Apple and ask to fix the issue with FaceTime, Photo booth and Safari: The same is true for Camfrog and any other software where manycam doesn’t work.

As for the blue face problem, try to logout/login on both your devices.