MacOS M1 Macs Manycam not working with Webex

I am using an M1 13" MacBook Pro with Big Sur with ManyCam Studio Lifetime and Webex
I am unable to see ManyCam from within the Webex App.
I am also unable to see the ManyCam virtual cam in any other app at all except for ManyCam app itself which is effectively useless. I have tried FaceTime, Photo Booth, etc.
For all intents and purposes ManyCam is not working at all for its intended use.
Are you aware off this, and if so, are you working to resolve it? What is the timeline please?

Hey @saplayer,
Please try out ManyCam 7.8.1:

I am using the latest version of ManyCam ( on Mac Mini M1 and initially had a similar problem until I realized that there was an alert screen hidden that said I needed to give ManyCam permission to record the screen. I didi that and everything is working fine. I use ManyCam with Zoom rather than Webex so can’t speak to how it works with WebEx.