MacBook Air M1 - Is it?

Will Manycam be compatible with with the new MacBook Air M1?

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I purchased a MacBook Pro M1 and so far it’s working okay… until ManyCam decides to mess it up again of course. But honestly I purchased Ecamm Live Pro and it is SO MUCH BETTER.

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Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

What percentage of the CPU is Manycam using if you go into launchpad > activity monitor? As Manycam took a lot out of my other computer!

I use ManyCam mainly to change the background as I teach online and travel a lot. So really need this feature :slight_smile:

Ecamm has the exact same abilities as Manycam (multiples cam switching)?

Because I’m hesitating for switching to Mac with M1 chips.
I suppose that Ecamm works with Zoom as well.

Thanks for your insight

Ecamm excels past ManyCam in every aspect. It even has dark mode built in and solves many of the requests/problems I see people on here asking/complaining about. However, it is not available on PC – unlike ManyCam. ManyCam is my preferred program over OBS/Streamlabs OBS on PC. Thus, for PC I use ManyCam and on Mac I use Ecamm Live Pro. No problem, I know people want an honest answer. I am not a fan boy for either, if a better program comes out that beats ManyCam and Ecamm I’m getting whatever does what I need to do my work. Now if ManyCam would come out with multi-track audio export so I could mix and master the audio from the different microphone and system audio sources separately I would give it a bump in ratings.

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I will definitely give Ecamm a try !
It is just sad that we have to subscribe to their Pro plan to have access a Virtual camera (for Zoom for example).

I bought the Manycam lifetime studio plan : l’ll maybe still try it with Rosetta 2 to see if it could run minimally with my 3 webcams for Zoom.

True, it depends on what you’re using the software for. I’m monetizing it with Youtube so for me it is actually saving me money by saving me some time making my videos. Unfortunately I still have to export the clips and do post production but I do that in Adobe After Effects/Pro Tools so I certainly don’t expect nor want ManyCam or eCamm to put resources into that but little stuff like mult track export would save me extra steps. Nonetheless, I always find a work around.