Mac OS14.3 Manycam is not working. No virtual cameras visible!

NOT WORKING!!! Virtual cameras are not visible options. I’ve tried and tried, restarting, reinstalling… nothing!

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Seconding. ManyCam Virtual camera does not appear anywhere after update. ManyCam is and macOS is 14.3.

So annoying, I updated it today as well and refuses to show up. I’ve never been more annoyed in my life!!!

Me too… it’s been a while. Does anyone know about any solution?

Still a problem for me on macOS 14.4. Installed ManyCam today. Virtual mic appears but not virutal cam

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Hi Guys, has this been sorted as I can’t see ManyCam in Zoom or Teams!

The following link is to Apple Support about why legacy and specifically why virtual cameras will no longer work after Somoma 14.1

The Apple Support page goes on to explain how to restore legacy support using an override commend in terminal after booting to Apple Recovery mode

Once legacy support is enabled the camera will work in ManyCam via virtual camera but will not appear in the Apple menu under the “Facetime” control

In addition another recent update has also added embedded video effect and hand gesture recognition.

This feature can be turned on and off but only for those camera that use Apple new system extensions and that appear in the Apple menu under the “Facetime” control

The Apple support page work around is not for the entry level user and should be done knowing :

  • this is only a work around

  • does not restore all control of the camera or virtual camera

  • it’s up to the maker of the camera your using and ManyCam to release another update to make use of all of Apple macOS new system extensions and embedded controls and features

  • As far as know the latest MamyCam does contain an
    update that is compliant with a recent update of Apple’s new system extensions

  • However, it appears Apple has updated their system extensions again

For now this appears to be as good as it gets

Here is the link :

~ Daniel
Waiting for future ManyCam release

Here also is a support from Cornell University IT that looked into the embedded Apple hand gesture video effects