[Mac] Finer Control over Video (Exposure / WB / Gamma / etc.)

It would be nice if there were additional controls over exposure, white balance, gamma, sharpness, etc. within the video controls on Mac. Currently there are only settings for saturation, brightness, contrast and individual color channels. I have to use other apps, such as iGlasses, to get that control because the default settings tend to overexpose video and lack proper white balance. It would be great if I could get all of that granular control in a single application.

Also, would it be possible to see numerical values for the controls already available, perhaps from – to 0 to + spectrum so it’s easier to reset changes to the default value of 0. Some sort of stepped, snappable gradation would be nice as well because it’s really difficult as the controls stand now to be able to save or recall settings for reuse later. Perhaps in 1/4 increments or something like that, though I’m not sure how the values are mapped on the backend (-255 to 255 I’d imagine).


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Hey @gabemaroz

Thank you for joining the ManyCam community!

I will check with the team and look into iGlasses to see what features you’re looking at exactly and get back to you.
I’m always looking for more ways to give our users more control!

Hi @gabemaroz,

We’ve added this feature on the list, although we don’t have any exact time frame for this.

Thank you for your suggestion.